Based on over 20 years experience in the driver training industry I have come across various topics of discussion amongst driving instructors

Here’s just a few!

πŸš— Disillusioned with paying a high franchise
πŸš— No Support with standards checks
πŸš— Lower hourly rate per hour than expected
πŸš— Stuck In a Long Term Contract
πŸš— Fed up with hidden charges

About Us!

πŸš— No Franchise Fees

πŸš— Support available from instructors with over 40 years combined experience
πŸš— More often than not we will match your hourly rate
πŸš— No Contract
πŸš— No Hidden Charges

We are looking for instructors across the UK to deliver our intensive driving courses. MDS Intensives are run by instructors, we understand that just like pupils, instructors are individuals so we will do our best to meet your requirements.

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Lighten Your Workload and you could earn up to Β£2,500 per month just by delivering our courses

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